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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dialysis Technician Professionalism

Dialysis Technician Professionalism
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   • When you become a hemodialysis patient care nurse / technician, you become a member of the healthcare team that cares for patients at your center.
•  As a nurse / technician, you will have more direct patient contact than any other staff member .
•  One of the key skill is to behave in a professional way.
• The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines professionalism as a way of "exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace".

What are some ways you can be courteous to your patients while being both caring and professional?
• Address patients by their titles (e.g., Mrs. Smith).
• Don't use a first name without permission.
• Don't use nicknames - especially ones that could make a patient feel dependent (e.g., baby or sweetie),
• Use "please" and "thank you" when talking to patients, families, and other staff members.
• Treat everyone with respect and pride, Maintain the patient's dignity. Always introduce yourself and other members of the team to new patients, so they feel more comfortable with the center.

What are some ways you can show you are conscientious?
• Get to work on time.
• Be ready to work when you arrive.
• Don't talk about your personal life to patients or other staff member when in the patient care area.
• Never discuss or burden patients with your personal problems.
• Don't talk around or over patients, as though they weren't there.
• Never talk about one patient in front of another patient.
• Protect everyone's privacy and confidential information.

What are some ways you can show a business-like manner?
• Wear appropriate clothes that are clean and well kept.
• Groom yourself well:
• Trim your fingernails and keep them free of inappropriate decorations.
• Keep makeup tasteful and minimal.
• Brush or comb your hair neatly,
• Don't wear too much perfume, cologne, or aflershave
• Keep things peaceful and the level of noise to a minimum.
• Don't shout across the treatment area.
• Don't rush or run around the treatment area.
• Don't always appear to be too busy or indifferent - patient may feel unsafe.
• Take the appropriate amount of time with every patient.
• Make certain all equipments is ready and working when the patient arrives.
• Keep the patient care area clean, swept, and free of blood.

Knowing how to keep boundaries is a key part of professionalism. Boundaries keep the relationship between you and your patients appropriate and safe. They also protect everyone from misunderstandings. 
• What are some examples of boundaries?
     • Never date patients.
     • Never ask for or borrow money from patients.
     • Never invite patients to your home or to activities that are not related to the center.
     • Never discuss your personal problems with patients.
     • Never accept tips, money, or gifts from patients.
     • Never touch patients in an inappropriate manner.
     • Never invade a patient's personal space - it can make the patient afraid and be dangerous for the staff.
     • Confidentiality - maintaining patient privacy.

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