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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fistula Care Postdialysis

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• At the end of the treatment, you will untape and remove the needles.
• Make sure you have completely removed the needle before applying pressure to the skin - you could cu the patients access if you press too early.
• Apply the right amount of pressure. The goal is to stop bleeding, but not damage the access or stop blood flow through it, which could raise the risk of blood clot.
• Teach your patient how to hold their own sites after a
. treatment.

Tips to Increase Fistula Life
To help an access last longer:
• Use the buttonhole technique or rotate needle sites at each treatment. Do not keep cannulating a fistula in the same general area. This could cause an aneurysm.
• Teach the patient not to permit IVs, routine blood draws, or blood pressure checks on the access arm. A "Save the Vein" card is helpful for patients to carry and give to medical staff if blood draws are needed.
• Keep accurate and detailed records of each treatment. If you see any problems with the patient's fistula, tell the nurse or the doctor

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