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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hemodialysis Care Team

Hemodialysis Care Team

• Leam about kidney failure and its treatment
• Have input into the care plan, then follow it (diet and fluid limits, drugs, dialysis)
• Tell the care team about symptoms or problems.
• Know his or her rights and responsibilities.

• Licensed physician who specializes in kidney disease
• He/she establishes the plan of care with the other care team members, prescribes the patient's treatment and medications, orders blood tests, and makes changes as needed based on a patient assessment

• Works to coordinate each patient's care with the other members of the care team
• Responsible for implementing the plan of care, designing and implementing the patient education plan, assessing each patient before and after dialysis treatment, providing direct patient care during a treatment, and training other staff.
• A nurse may also be the manager of the center

• Help patients and family members adjust to dialysis and rebuild their lives.
• Counsels patient and family members to help with the emotional and financial issues that are part of dialysis
• Addresses healthcare coverage, rehabilitation, patient resources, and community services.

• Patient care technicians - provide care for patient on dialysis, working under a registered nurse
• Biomedieal equipment technicians — maintain and repair the equipment
• Reuse technicians — reprocess dialyzers

• Incorporate patient's nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, and food preferences into a meal plan that will maintain health and that the person can follow and enjoy.
• Teaches the patient, family members, and other caregivers how to best meet nutrition needs.

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